KleenMaster GT50 B50 Auto Scrubber – Walk Behind

KleenMaster GT50 B50 is a Mid-Size auto-scrubber that has modern features that unrivalled. GT 50 is designed for ease and simplicity of use. It features a ergonomic handle with touch controls and all switches and control levers within easy reach. GT50 has a scrubbing width of 50cm and a suction width of 81cm. It has a large 50 liter solution and 50 liter waste tank for extended run-times. It has large tank openings to allow for easy cleaning. A fully adjustable V-shape floor squeegee that can adapt to all types of floor surfaces helps deliver perfectly clean dry and streak-free floors. GT50 has a flip cover design that exposes a large battery compartment and vital components for easy access and maintenance. A cable version of GT50 (C50) is also available.


Auto Scrubber- GT50 B50