Our Corporate Mission
To source, stock and supply at reasonable cost the best cleaning products available on the market.
To train and maintain a friendly and competent administrative, sales and technical work force at all times to assist and alleviate any problems the valuable customer may have.
To have ex-stock of most if not all products we sell to give the customer the luxury of starting any project or job at short notice.
To keep ex-stock of most of the important spare parts or attachments of all machines we sell to minimize downtime for non-functioning machines.
To provide initial and continuous training for any or all of the customer's operation staff on the use and maintenance of products they purchased from us.
To provide proper and comfortable training facilities to train the management and operation staff of our clients on new and proper cleaning techniques in line with international regulatory bodies such as BICSC, ISSA, OSHA, etc.
To provide a qualified and experienced chemist at the disposal of our customers to recommend and assist in any cleaning or chemical problems they may have. The chemist would also ensure that all chemical products supplied by Kleen Industrial Products Sdn Bhd will meet with stringent quality control systems implemented.
  To keep abreast of new and innovative cleaning technologies and machines with the objective of providing our customers with cutting effort and maximum efficiency.